Starting as far back as her childhood in Europe, Liubov had the innate talent and artistic eye for sketching and designing women's clothing. As she progressed in life, she continued to refine her talent. After graduating High School Liubov attended a professional seamstress training school to sharpen her sewing skills before attending the Technological Institute of Fashion Design in Belarus in which she graduated in the top of her class in 1987.

She continued designing for a number of fashion houses before setting out on her own and opening her own. Success came quickly and thus expansion required the addition of seamstresses which enabled Liubov the ability to deliver many designs for her multitude of clients which included royalty and celebrities alike.

Liubov was fond for always keeping a hands on approach from artwork to sample making as well as client relations making her one of the larger fashion houses in a city with a population of 300,000.

Although very successful, she had not yet fulfilled her dream to move to Milan, Paris or New York where she could continue to expand her design concepts.

Finally, she began the realization of her dream when she arrived to New York in 2001 to introduce her European styling by freelancing in Manhattan with several designers. Soon she would open her New York showroom in Mount Kisco, New York in 2007 now bearing her own label of Nicoletti Couture and the Nicoletti Collection.